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Qualified and accredited assessors in environmental services sector covering the whole of the British Isles.

What we do: Asbestos surveys, legionella disease control services, fire risk assessments, Health and safety inspections and reports.


FireSafetyRiskAssessment.Co.UK is a renowned environmental hazard assessment firm located at Unit 104 Smethwick Enterprise Centre, Rolfe St B66 2AR, UK. It is a registered assessor with the UK government, and you can view the registration credentials at https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/company/14208602.


The UK law bounds every landlord, business manager, and building owner by law to conduct necessary Fire Risk Assessment, Legionella Risk Assessment, and Asbestos Assessment to ensure the safety of the inhabitants of each building. Fire Safety Risk Assessment is an independent and UK government-verified company specializing in all kinds of environmental hazard assessments, just the way our clients prefer it.


Operating out of Smethwick, we have sub-offices in wide-ranging areas such as London, Nottingham, Warrington, and Manchester. All clients located around our main office and sub-offices enjoy the best-in-the-business Fire Risk Assessments, Legionella Risk Assessments, and Asbestos Risk Assessments, which we are experts at. In case you are located farther away, leave us a message and we’ll still arrange the best environmental hazard assessments that you need.


Serving customers to protect them against the dangers posed by the environment is the sole focus of our business, and we conduct the most in-depth assessments in the industry to ensure that no possible dangers lurk in corners that other assessors might overlook.


No other hazard assessment firm puts as much value on the lives and health of its clients as we do. After all, nothing is more important than human lives and health, and our mission is to stop all casualties happening from fire, legionella, or asbestos risks inside the UK.


We are an independent fire & environmental services safety company offering technical expertise, advice and guidance to the fire safety industry in relation to The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) order 2005. Our lead fire safety officer has worked with fire Brigade and has surveyed over 2000 properties around the country.


We have considerable experience in conducting risk assessments and independent bespoke fire safety solutions of clients’ homes or business. We employ master quantity surveyors for asbestos management work and legionella water and air management services.


Premises can range from suburban properties, apartment blocks and listed buildings to the apartments of private individuals and family offices, country estates, Hotels, schools, offices, retail outlets and city penthouses. We are accredited by the independent fire safety managers standards & adhere to all UKAS standards.

Asbestos surveys, legionella disease control services, fire risk assessments, Health and safety inspections and reports.


To provide potential customers a tailored service with easy-to-understand methodology. All assessors are highly trained and shall meet you at your premises at a pre-arranged time. We also aim to get your assessments out to you within 24-48 hours if the site inspection and aim to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. Striving to provide a customer care centred quality services.

Our goal is to provide assessment services to our clients in the most easy-to-understand manner because most clients do not know the finer details of various types of environmental hazard risk assessments. Our assessors are thorough professionals who are trained to the teeth in their jobs. As soon as they are put to the task, they will arrive at your premises in a flash and will make all your assessment-related problems go away before you know it.

For the best possible environmental risk assessments, leave a message at support@firesafetyriskassessment.co.uk or call 077 8003 0185 to book your appointment right now, and let us take care of everything.

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The keen passion of Fire Safety Risk Assessment is to offer professional services, delivered in a timely manner. For all businesses, commercial premises & landlords, FSRA keeps your businesses safe controlling the risk of loss from fire hazards, asbestos risks and from legionella bacteria.